Learn Chess with Dr. Wolf

Learn the game of chess with your very own personal coach. Dr. Wolf will teach you everything step-by-step, with in-game commentary and engaging lessons covering all the fundamentals of chess.
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Practice against your past mistakes, and understand why certain moves are better than others.


It’s more fun to learn as you play. After each move, Dr. Wolf comments and helps you understand the board.


Go through each topic with Dr. Wolf, all the way from how the pieces move, to complex tactics.

Understand the “Why” in Chess.

Dr. Wolf explains each move to you, one at a time, in a way that anyone can understand. Dr. Wolf can help no matter your chess level.

A fun and friendly coach that makes learning chess enjoyable.

Dr. Wolf is a personalized coach that teaches you at your own pace. He teaches you as you play, alerts you of your mistakes, and keeps track of your progress as you develop and grow your skills.
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In-game coaching
Dr. Wolf comments on your moves as you play them, alerting you of things you may have overlooked, or complimenting your strategy. Learning as you play is one of the best ways to learn chess.
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Over 40 detailed lessons
Dr. Wolf has a full lesson library that covers a wide-range of topics, starting with beginner lessons about how to move the pieces, and ending with advanced lessons on openings and endgames.
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Helpful hints just when you need them
Dr. Wolf is always there to provide hints and explain why good moves are effective. Whether you are playing a game, or training, Dr. Wolf will be there when you need help.
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Beginners are welcome
Learning chess can be a daunting task. Dr. Wolf is here to help you, even if you are learning from the very beginning. He will always teach you at the right level.
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Training against past mistakes
When you make mistakes, Dr. Wolf keeps track of them so that later on, you can practice. Dr. Wolf uses a learning technique called spaced repetition which helps increase your rate of learning.
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Friendly and patient
Dr. Wolf is a friendly and patient coach. He explains things slowly, and will never turn down a game.
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Great way to improve your game
I’ve been a casual chess player for my whole life, but recently I’ve begun studying and training more seriously. There are a great many great chess teaching and training apps out there, and Dr. Wolf sits easily in the upper echelon. The in-game instruction is invaluable. The ability to review mistakes is, too. And the lessons are well composed and easy to follow. Highly recommend.
Dr Wolf; A Great Way to Rediscover Chess
Sure, there are lots of chess apps available but the Dr. Wolf app is perfect for someone wanting to improve their game. With a combination of structured lessons, guided training and gameplaywith feedback, progress and mistakes are clearly identified, allowing the user to develop their understanding and skill in the the game at their own pace.
The right way to teach
This app is exactly what I was searching for, it does not merely tell you what to do when asked for a hint but actually explains why you wanna make the move and also explains why the opponent made the particular move. Great job and thanks a lot.